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Addiction Free contain 3 bottles of 60 gms powder each. One bottle is intended for use in 10 days as per the dosage schedule.

Addiction free powder is mixture of 13 precious Ayurvedic Herbs. It has been established over time at a remedy to cure addiction from alcohol, ciggarette, tobacco and other addicting substances with gauranteed results and no more side effects. It is100% herbal product which has no side effects

It helps in cure addiction to any substance and improve health of the presont. Depending on severity of addiction and health of condition of the person, This powder can be taken over long periods of time, Providing only health benefits.

How does Addiction Free Powder works:

  1. It detoxifise the body. The harmful chemical from the addicting susbtance (alcohol, tobacco, etc) get accumalated inside body in the liver, kidney etc. The herbs in Addiction free powder remove toxins from the body.
  2. It reduse craving of the addicting substance.
  3. It helps improve the mental strength & will power.
  4. It cures addiction side effects. It cures the problem of stomach, digestion, cough, bronchial problem, etc. It improves the overall health of a person.
  5. It decreases body stress, mental stress and tension.
  6. It help an addict (of alcohol, tobacco other abusive substance, etc) get rid of his addiction
An Ayurvedic propriet Product
Each 10 gms Powder vidarikand/ Indian Kudzu. Pueraria tuberosa 3.0 g
Punarnave Boerhaavla diffusa 2.0 g
Brahmi Cntella asiatica 1.0 g
Ashwagandha withania sommlfera 1.0 g
Tulsi Patra Ocimum sanctum

0.5 g

Sarpagandha Rauvolfia serperntia                     0.5 g
Shatavari Convolvulus pluricaulis 0.4 g
Shankpushpi Picrorhiza kurroa                           0.3 g
Kurki Lavang Syzygium aromaticum                 


Javitri Myristica franrance mace           0.2 g
Pipli Mool Piper longum 0.2g
Arjun Chal Terminalis arjuna                       

0.2 g


Direction for use : Take one spoonful (Provided inside) of powder two times a day after meal with water.

This Ayurvedic powder can also be mixed/added in the food/meal.